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5 Most Popular Reasons to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

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Spring is in the air – almost. Now that it’s March, the warmer weather is just around the corner. That means many people are starting to think about taking their events outside to enjoy the balmy temperatures and greenery.

Weddings are one of those events that are held outside every year. Many couples find external ceremonies more ideal than inside services. If you are planning your nuptials, there are many benefits to hosting a moment out-of-doors.

Location Options

Couples have more options when planning their exterior nuptials. Many interior places are restricted with space limitations and availability. With nature-based rituals, there is a lot more freedom in opting for a place that is big enough and free for use. This means that your guest list does not have to be decided by the place you can get. Your occasion can be on the date of your choosing and in the vicinity, you want. You also have more control over how many or as few people you want on your guest list.


Outdoor venues are much cheaper than building rentals. Many natural greenspaces are even free whereas halls and church rentals can be quite costly.

Grassy arenas require furnishings for your guests, but the prices of table and chair rentals in Chicago IL are less than the venue fees of places that include the furnishings. At Moon Jump Inc. we can provide you with all the equipment you will need to host a comfortable, magical event. We can set up all the seating accommodations to meet the needs of your party goers in the place of your choosing.

Natural Beauty

The warmer weather brings out the best that Mother Nature has to offer. The beautiful foliage creates a breathtaking backdrop for your I do’s while the natural sounds of outside areas creates a magical melody for your special moment. The scents and unique landscaping of the area gives your day a unique setting that cannot be duplicated.

Best of Both Worlds

Many couples rent canopies to house their service during the cooler times of the day. Tent rentals in Chicago IL still provide a strong out-of-building feeling while protecting your company from unpredictable weather systems.

At Moon Jump Inc., we have different coverings to select from. Our canopies can be open sided to protect you from the sun and heat or come with sides to keep the rain and cold out.

Special and Unique

Natural themed ceremonies add a special uniqueness to your day that cannot be duplicated. Every day and every moment are different from the last, so your service can never be copied by another wedding event. It’s a great way to add a sense of real magic to your important occasion.

Outside nuptials are popular for many reasons. The natural beauty of the great outdoors creates an rare ambiance for lifelong memories. At Moon Jump Inc., we can help you plan your perfect day. Our tent and table rentals in Chicago IL will help you set up an excellent venue for you and your guests on your biggest day.

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