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6 Exciting Birthday Party Ideas for the Budget Conscious Parent

Batman Bounce House

One of the ongoing challenges many parents face is planning the perfect birthday party for their child. Each year, kids enjoy inviting their friends to celebrate their special day.  Age changing celebrations can range significantly in price depending on the size, venue, and events planned, adding to the creative challenges of organizing a superior function.

Whether you are organizing an elaborate event or an economical gathering, at Moon Jump Inc., we can help you with all your party planning needs. We have a variety of inflatable slides and bounce house sliding combo rentals in Chicago IL to add to your festivities. Our bouncers come in a variety of colors and characters to fit your venue size and theme.

Our inflatable playhouse rentals are the perfect entertainment for any type of get together. For the budgeting parent, our inflatable deals can add extra excitement to your theme.  These ideas will delight your group without over stretching the budget:

Young Chef’s 

Many children enjoy cooking in the kitchen and trying different recipes. If your youngster enjoys practicing their culinary abilities, turn that passion into a birthday event with a young chef’s day. Buy aprons and cook’s hats for each guest. Set out the ingredients, measuring utensils, mixing bowls, and other essentials to host a fabulous cook-off for all the kiddies. There are many delicious recipes you can make with the tots including kabobs, wraps, quesadillas, salads, cupcakes, pizza and stir fry. With this type of celebration, your guests will enjoy baking their and eating it too.

Superhero’s Training Academy

If superheroes are your children’s favorite characters, why not host a thrilling training academy for your group. Create your own skills learning arena with tunnels, orange cones, skipping ropes, bean bags, baskets, and stepping stools. At Moon Jump Inc., we have the perfect inflatable obstacle courses and superhero bounce house sliding combo rentals in Chicago IL to add to your occasion.

Pamper Party

Many young girls enjoy getting their nails and hair done. If your little princess is blossoming into a young lady who enjoys the ultimate mani-pedi treatment, then why not host an afternoon spa day. Add aroma therapy, hair styling care, and a spa themed craft such as making bath bombs or bath salts and your little one’s big day is set. Add finger foods and sweet treats to the menu for the ultimate afternoon of luxury.

Mad Scientist

Kids find scientific experiments fascinating. Because of its growing popularity, there are many resources available to help adults with their science themed activities. Set up test tubes, glass beakers, eye goggles, lab coats, and other important tools and let the experimentation begin. Add a bubbly, gooey, science themed menu to the date your event is complete.

Build a Craft

The sky is the limit with craft themed dates. Some of the highly popular hand made creations young ones enjoy making include: building their own stuffed animals, designing a shirt with fabric paint and dyes, making a customized car out of boxes, decorating picture frames, creating ceramic pieces or pottery, making jewelry and painting pictures. Set up an area with all the materials needed for their artistic endeavours, then invite your entourage to create a special project.

Slumber Party

Slumber parties are timeless classics enjoyed by every generation. Set up a tent, large pillows, air mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags, and interior lanterns for an exciting sleepover. Add a pile of movies for a cinema marathon, theater snacks, and a cooler filled with drinks and settle in for a night of giggles and good fun. Finish the celebrations by making your group a special breakfast in the morning with all your child’s favorite foods before the tots’ head home.

Birthday celebrations are an annual event in many households. Hosting a great party takes some planning and creativity. At Moon Jump Inc. we can help you. We have a variety of products including our inflatable slides and bounce house slide combo rentals in Chicago IL to help you with all your birth date planning needs.

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