7 Fabulous Reasons to Host a Fundraising Craft and Bake Sale for Your Agency or Team

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Today, more than ever, many teams, community groups, and organizations struggle to find extra cash to support their needs. Fundraising has been a popular way to get the much needed moola for many years and is becoming more essential for schools, churches, daycares, non-profit groups, teams, seniors’ complexes, and many other local agencies today. One of the more popular charity events held throughout the year is a craft and bake sale. These fabulous auctions bring communities together for a good cause. They also provide a platform for the many talented artists in your neighborhood to showcase their talents by selling their merchandise.

For those looking for a fundraising event, here is why you should hold a crafting event:

Raise Money

Community sales offer plenty of opportunities to raise much needed monies for upcoming projects, tournaments, and other events. There are plenty of ways to raise the money through an artists expo. Table rentals, raffles, silent auctions, ticket sales and cafeteria snacks are just a few of the more popular paid for packages that you can incorporate into your event. At Moon Jump Inc., we have table and chair rentals in Chicago IL to help you with your furniture needs. Our prices are reasonable, so the monies you raise will stay with you.

Anyone Can Host One

You do not need to be a big group or a designated charity to host a handmade gifts retail event. Any team, school, committee, church group, or other centre can host a sell day to raise cash. The activity can be organized easily to fit with your organizational needs.

No Space Restrictions

Craft shows can be held in any venue size, so you do not have to worry that your place is too big or too small.  You can make your environment work for you by inviting a lot or a few artists to your day. There is no minimum or maximum limit for charity selling events.

Showcase Local Artists

What better way to show community spirit than to showcase the local artists by hosting an event that allows them to display their wares to their peers. Sale fundraisers not only let the local talent demonstrate their abilities, but it gives others a chance to purchase many unique home-made keepsakes that they can use for themselves or give as gifts.

Uniquely Yours

Every selling event is as unique as the group organizing it. Because you are raising income for your agency, you can choose the number of table rentals and type of crafts or baked goods that will be sold at your event. You can also incorporate other fundraising activities into your day such as a games area, raffles or silent auctions, ticket prices, tournaments, baking classes, demonstrations, and other eventful tasks. At Moon Jump Inc., we have many rental products including table and chair rentals in Chicago IL to help you with all your fundraising needs.

Low Cost Advertising

TV stations, radio, social media and other internet pages, word of mouth, and community bulletin boards are a great way to advertise your event cheaply. Most advertising methods are free, so it will not take away from your profits.

Fan Favorites

Community members enjoy attending a craft and bake sales. It’s uplifting to help local talents and charity events at the same time.  For people looking for something to do, money raising flea markets are a great place to spend a weekend afternoon.

Craft and bake sales are a popular way to raise much need monies for your group, team, or community organization. With a little imagination and planning, you can host a successful craft show for your agency. At Moon Jump Inc., we have many products including table and chair rentals in Chicago IL to help you with all your craft and bake sale organizing needs.

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