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Category Archives: Event & Party Tips

Cool Jumpings: Why It’s Not Crazy to Rent Inflatables in the Winter

Chicagoland winters are known for heavy snows, biting cold, and torrential winds. Far from the bright, sunny summer days that make for ideal inflatable weather. But renting an inflatable isn’t necessarily a matter of season. With the right unit and a suitable location, there’s never a bad time to bounce! Even in mild winters, it […]

The Essentials: What To Look For When Renting An Inflatable

Renting an inflatable can seem like a daunting process, even when we know what we want. With so much information and so many options available at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed—especially with other party or event matters to handle. However, keeping just a few key […]

5 Most Popular Reasons to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

wedding tents

Spring is in the air – almost. Now that it’s March, the warmer weather is just around the corner. That means many people are starting to think about taking their events outside to enjoy the balmy temperatures and greenery. Weddings are one of those events that are held outside every year. Many couples find external […]

Host a Fabulous Valentine’s Day Party at Your Day Care

Kids are just as excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day at their daycare center as they are at school. Whether you run your own private home center or work for a large childcare facility, the kiddies are going to be wanting to mark February’s day with special activities. At Moon Jump Inc., we can help you […]

6 Exciting and Educational Activities to Entertain Preschoolers

Once the school aged children return to classes, the preschool siblings can have a hard time adjusting to the change in schedule. The fun of the holiday season has been once again replaced with daily routines and schedules. But the tiny tots don’t have to spend their time pining the day away while missing their […]

Enjoy Spring by Hosting the First Barbecue Party of the Season

Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Spring is the perfect time to invite friends and family over for a barbecue party. Enjoy the day by inviting everyone over in the afternoon when the weather is warm. Set up games and activities to entertain your group […]

Plan An Exciting Spring Break Party at Your Daycare

Spring Break is a busy time for most daycare centers. The kids might be out of school for a week, but many are still at their daycare centers while their parents are at work. During the week, childcare workers must plan full days to keep the school-aged children busy and entertained during their week away […]

7 Spectacular Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With the Whole Family

With Valentine’s Day next week, many families are planning special days  for parents and kids to do together.  After all, this day of celebrating love isn’t just for couples. Parents can make this holiday just as magical by planning extraordinary fun with their children. Not sure what to do? At Moon Jump, Inc., we have seven great ideas to make this February holiday exciting […]