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Winter Has Come… and Gone!

Hopefully the snow has made its final appearance this past weekend, coinciding with the premiere of the exciting new season of Game of Thrones! In similar fashion, excitement is building at Moon Jump, as well! With 20 new units being added to our inventory, including water slides, obstacle courses, and standard jumps, there’s never been […]

Plan the Perfect Neighborhood Play Date at Your Local Community Center

It’s easy to develop a case of cabin fever in January. The cold, unpredictable weather discourages many people from getting outside. You can help your community members break out of their winter blues by organizing a neighborhood playdate at your local community center. At Moon Jump, Inc., we can help you set up exciting inflatable […]

Host an Exciting Holiday Party At School

Most schools only have a few weeks of class time left before Christmas vacation officially begins. While educators are busy teaching their lessons, helping their students with family craft gifts, and practicing for the school concert, they are also trying to work with animated, energetic school-agers, who cannot wait till the holidays are here.

Plan a Ghoulishly Exciting Halloween Party at Your School or Community Center

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a great day for schools and community centers to plan exciting activities for the local kids.  Many enjoy celebrating the holiday with students and youth by holding parties, dances, and themed special events.

Bring the Players Together for an Outdoor Team Building Party

inflatable obstacle course

Fall team sports are now in full practice and play mode at schools, colleges, universities and private leagues. All professional, amateur, and recreational athletes are actively playing their favorite athletic game. Some players have been part of their lineup in previous seasons, while others are new to the season.

Bring A Little Extra Fun With Your Daycare Kids This Summer

Summertime is a busy time for daycare centers. Whether you work in a facility or run your own home based center, chances are you are finding the days a lot more hectic right now. Keeping the kids entertained every day with fun, inexpensive and different activities is an ongoing challenge for many centers. Some even […]

Plan A Fabulous Field Day For The Last Month Of School

As school comes to an end, the staff and students are eager to start their summer vacation. School work is the last thing anyone wants to think about at this time of year. While the kids still have to attend school for a few more weeks, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring […]

Plan An Exciting Sports Themed Fun Day For The Students And Teachers

As the school year is winding down into it’s final few weeks before summer vacation, the excitement is building rapidly in the students and staff. At this time of year, it’s hard to keep everyone focused on school work. Tired teachers are looking for different ideas to spend the final few weeks. It’s the perfect […]

Bring The Luck Of The Irish To Your School This St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. This longstanding Irish holiday is a favorite March celebration among many schools and daycare centers. Green decorations and art quickly fill classrooms and hallways as the students enjoy making rainbows with pots of gold at the bottom, lucky shamrocks and mischievous leprechaun crafts.