Celebrate National Siblings Day with a Fun Family Day

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April 10th is National Siblings Day, and the perfect opportunity to bring all your family’s younger and older brothers and sisters together for a fabulously fun day of feasting, merriment, and reminiscing. At Moon Jump Inc., we have the perfect party supplies to help you plan this excitement filled event. Our thrilling game rentals in Chicago IL are exactly what you need to host an afternoon filled with competitive challenges and boisterous giggles.

Start by inviting your kin and their youngsters to your place for the celebration. Ask each group to don team colors and hilarious uniforms for the friendly competitions. Encourage each group to create unique looks that include silly hair styles or colors, hats, crazy costumes, face paint, and anything else they wish to add.

Decorate your abode with banners and photos of recent and older family memories. Your relatives will be delighted as they take a walk down memory lane to enter your place. Once everyone arrives, let the real amusements begin. At Moon Jump Inc., we have a variety of game rentals in Chicago IL to help you organize your activities. Our units come in a variety of designs to suit all fitness levels and group sizes. Choose one or several for your sibling celebrations.

One of our more popular products are our plazma cars. Organize an animated competition by lining up each team for a relay race, then watch enthusiastically as moms and dads compete against the younger generations. Our interactive moon jumps include family foosball and bubble soccer that are excellent team sports games that all can enjoy. Host an entertaining life size foosball game or bubble soccer tournament for your eager group.

Create unique prize packages for each household by giving them a memento gift basket that combines today’s popular past times with modern versions of yesterday’s favored toys and characters to create a magical token filled with memories. Your relations will enjoy sharing their past moments with their offspring as they relive many wonderful childhood moments playing with the tokens. Both younger and older generations will have a blast playing with the treasured items.

Once dinner time rolls around, feast on a potluck consisting of everyone’s most flavorful dishes. By asking each coupling to bring their best family meal, your whole group will have a chance to taste each other’s best menu selections. Add to the dining experience by playing a trivia game, sharing all the wonderful, lively, and humorous memories of each person. Your relations will have a jolly laugh remembering past moments from their youth and sharing them with their tots.

What better way to end the sib themed celebration than to watch home movies of past and present happenings. Ask everyone to bring their best video clips of the different moments that they recorded so everyone can share in the magic.

National Sibling Day is a great time to gather the brothers and sister of older and younger generations for a day fueled with fun, laughter, memories, and love. At Moon Jump Inc., we have many products including game rentals in Chicago IL to help you create an entertaining and special day with your loved ones.

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