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Cool Jumpings: Why It’s Not Crazy to Rent Inflatables in the Winter

Chicagoland winters are known for heavy snows, biting cold, and torrential winds. Far from the bright, sunny summer days that make for ideal inflatable weather. But renting an inflatable isn’t necessarily a matter of season. With the right unit and a suitable location, there’s never a bad time to bounce!

Even in mild winters, it is sometimes best to host an event indoors. It’s true that most larger jumps (combinations, obstacle courses and slides) will need a large area with decent vertical clearance in order to be safe, but that doesn’t mean they’re required to be set up outdoors. Businesses, churches and schools often have our largest units booked in the winter and place them in gymnasiums, recreation rooms and warehouse areas. Even so, there are options for residential renters as well. If space is limited, savvy consumers will often reach out to local community centers or churches to see if they have any accommodations available.

For those looking for something they can fit in their home, Moon Jump does offer an Indoor Jump that only requires eight feet of vertical clearance. For those with (very) vaulted ceilings or garages, most of our standard units are only fifteen feet tall, with the taller corner sections typically fitting between rafters or ceiling beams.

When there’s no indoor option, inflatables can still be set up outside in the winter. Given the mild temperatures so far this season, hosting an outdoor event in January wouldn’t be out of the question. Of course, the most attractive aspect of outdoor rental is freedom of location, but keep in mind that having a warm doorway close by is a big comfort when the cold finally sets in. Lastly, remember to keep little ones bundled up—even if they’re bouncing up a sweat!

No matter the season, Moon Jump can meet your party rental needs. The right location and jump can make any event a success, regardless of size. Winter doesn’t have to be bounce-less, so call or click today to explore everything we have to offer!

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