Create a Spectacular Baseball Themed Birthday Party for Your Little Slugger

Sports Combo

April 27th was National Babe Ruth Day. This iconic legend continues to be revered as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. To celebrate this commemorative day, why not host a spectacular baseball themed party for your little slugger? At Moon Jump Inc, we have the perfect inflatable obstacle and interactive rentals in Chicago IL for all your party needs.

Start your day by decorating your place with the best sports themed banners, flags, streamers, table settings, and a nine-inning authentic score board. Add logos of the different teams or your tot’s favorite league to complete look of your athletic setting.

Turn your flooring into a diamond with the different plate mounds so help your gathering follow the fun. Host a face painting and tattoo station at the first plate to help get your group game-day ready.

At second base, organize exciting baseball themed activities like bean bag toss, batter up bingo, personalized diamond decorating projects and cap designing crafts. The kids will have the time of their life creating their very own masterpieces while enjoying some group playtime.

Set up a slugger style inflatable playhouse at the third plate. At Moon Jump Inc., we have several bounce and slide combos and interactive inflatable rentals in Chicago IL that would fit perfectly with your festive celebration.  The youngsters will have a great time practicing their skills while jumping, climbing, sliding, tossing, and batting their way through our thrilling play structures.

Hit a home run with a fabulous ballpark meal fit for a hungry group of party goers at Home base. Using ball colored platters, plates, napkins, and cups, serve up a delicious meal including hot dogs with an abundance of mouth watering toppings, nachos and cheese, pizza, large pretzels, French fries, waffle sandwiches, vanilla milkshakes, soda pop, and to top it off, a baseball diamond decorated birthday cake. Your hungry crowd will eagerly dig into the feast you set out for them on the ball style settings.

After everyone has finished eating, end the party with a good, old fashioned game by setting up bases in your yard or other open area. Divide your group into two teams, then grab balls, bats, batting hats, and let the fun begin. Your bunch will have a delightful time participating in their favorite sport.

Host a wonderfully exciting Baseball themed party for your little slugger. Your all-star will have a superb time when you combine gaming activities with a thrilling birth date festival. At Moon Jump Inc., we have several bounce houses, inflatable obstacle courses and interactive game rentals in Chicago IL to compliment your occasion perfectly.

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