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Enjoy a Mini Family Reunion at Your Local Park This Memorial Day

bubble soccer

This Memorial Day why not gather the family for a mini reunion at your local park. If you do not have your own vast outdoor area, public green spaces are excellent places to get together with the clan for your holiday festivities. At Moon Jump Inc., we can help you with all your May event planning needs. We have many unique and versatile rental products to meet all your family’s festive needs.

On hot, May days, it is essential to set up shady areas, so your members can escape the sun and heat when they start to feel uncomfortable. Our canopy tent rentals in Chicago IL offer the perfect area to escape the heat while still enjoying the great outdoors. Our overheads are large enough to fit several of our table and chair rentals, so your guests can be comfortable and relax in style. Add blankets and towels under another canopy for those who want to be closer to Mother Nature. Red, white, and blue banners, lights, and flags can be added around the rim of the tents for a little holiday joy.

Once your seating and relaxation areas are set up, let the long weekend amusement begin. Take advantage of the large playing field to really have some fun with the fam. Divide your kin into two teams for an afternoon of friendly competitions starting with our oh-so-thrilling Bubble Soccer. Choose five members from each side and watch with glee as they bump and bounce into each other while donning our red or blue inflatable bubbles. This game is a must for any family function.

With other members from the sparring teams ready, pull out our plasma cars for a relay race down the grassy or asphalt stretch. The kiddies will laugh hysterically as they watch their parents roar down the raceway on these animated three-wheelers.

But don’t stop there. Add some classic gaming fun to your day as well. Three-legged races, potato sack sprints, egg relay runs, and tug-of-war are perfect activities for your family day fun-fest. Add lawn darts, Bocce Ball and kite flying to your afternoon for a truly unforgettable occasion.

Once everyone gets hungry, pull out the picnic baskets, coolers, and portable barbeques for a Memorial feast that includes all your favorite salads, sliders, hot dogs, smokies, chips and dip, fruit platters, and cans of pop for a mouth-watering, refreshing summer inspired meal that everyone will enjoy. With our table and chair arrangements under the canopy tent rentals in Chicago IL, your throng will be able to dine comfortably together while basking in the beautiful spring weather.

After the meal is finished, take a tour around the park or to the nearest ice cream place with our trackless train. Our twelve-seater offers a thrilling joy ride around your party place for both kids and adults.

This Memorial Day enjoy a special time with family by hosting a mini reunion at your local park or green space. At Moon Jump Inc., we have everything you need to host a spectacular celebration for your May festivities.

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