Host an Exciting Reunion with Your Close and Extended Family


August is a popular month for family reunions. Close and extended clan gathers from different parts of the country will gather to enjoy quality time together. During these special moments, it is important to plan different activities to entertain your group. At Moon Jump, Inc., we have a spectacular selection of carnival game rentals for your Chicago IL family reunion.

While reuniting with relations is exciting, organizing the different social events can be a little hectic and stressful. Trying to orchestrate the different venues, party plans, and entertainment is largely based on group sizes, age ranges, available finances, and weather. Many large families try to implement outdoor fun to incorporate their time together with the beautiful summer weather. But if Mother Nature does not want to cooperate, your plans can change very quickly.

Games are a great way to spend quality time with kin while catching up on the latest news and events. Almost everyone enjoys playing different amusements with their clan members.  Gaming rentals are a superb choice for your togetherness day because they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You can easily enjoy the activities under the warm August sun, but if the weather changes, bring them indoors for equal inside fun.

At Moon Jump, Inc., we have carnival game rentals in Chicago IL that everyone will enjoy. Our variety of units provide an exciting selection that is guaranteed to keep your guests eagerly engaged all day. Every age range and parent-child unit will get a thrill from the different rentable choices available.

Do you have arcade lovers in your crowd? Then our electronic gamer is just what you need. This gaming center rental is programmed with several different digital retro and modern classics to captivate all your party-goers.

At Moon Jump, Inc. we also have traditional festival games including our bag set toss and the always popular Penguin Fish Fling. Your youngsters will enjoy playing these lively activities. Each frame game offers a new twist on a classic favorite.

Want to combine a little friendly competition with a whole lot of laughs, then our plazma cars are the perfect carnival game rentals in Chicago IL.  Our delightful wiggle scooters can hold up to 300 pounds so adults and children can join in the racing fun. Draw three names from a hat to choose who will compete against each other on your homemade raceway, then watch the hilarity begin. Grab the cameras to film the competitions for life long memories of a great moment with your close and distant relatives.

With each entertaining attraction, add fun, unique prizes for an extra special touch. The little mementos will remind your guests of a great time with kin.  At Moon Jump, Inc. we have a dynamic selection of carnival game rentals for families in Chicago IL planning exciting reunions with their kin.