Host a Fabulous Valentine’s Day Party at Your Day Care

Kids are just as excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day at their daycare center as they are at school. Whether you run your own private home center or work for a large childcare facility, the kiddies are going to be wanting to mark February’s day with special activities. At Moon Jump Inc., we can help you host a fabulous afternoon with our inflatable dry slide rentals in Chicago IL.

We know that many kids care centers do not have a lot o money to spend on extras, so we have several bouncers and inflatable bounce house slide combos to fit within your budget. Inflatable dry slide rentals in Chicago IL are a great way to start your party because they help the little one’s burn off their excited energy on a safe, thrilling surface.

Add extra physical fun with our bounce house sliding combos. The kiddos will be lining up to jump, climb, shoot hoops, and slide through the value priced inflatable playhouse. We have different themes and styles to match your company’s designs.

Adding one of our inflatable dry slide rentals in Chicago IL will help add to the thrills of your holiday party.  Setting up activity stations to entertain your youngsters will also keep them engaged while teaching them important skills as well.

There are many recyclable products you can use to design magnificent works of art. Card board and old puzzles and be used to create beautiful holiday style wreaths. Simply paint the puzzle pieces in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, and silver. Make heart shaped wreath frames from the cardboard and watch as the students create their own unique artwork to hang on their doors at home. They can add their own personalized touch and give it to their parents as a beloved Valentine’s Day gift.

Rather than toss the used disposable cups away, wash them, hide a small treat or token gift inside, cover each with tissue paper, and hang on the wall in Valentine Day’s main shape. Create a fun game so kids can take turns choosing which covered cup to poke open, revealing the prize inside. This cost-effective game is easy to set up and loads of fun.

If you don’t have enough recycled materials, ask the parents and staff to bring stuff from home. Make a list of what you need so you can share it with the other adults.

Add holiday coloring or activity pages that you can find online, February 14th themed bingo, and other exciting crafty events to your day and the small ones will be completely thrilled.

At Moon Jump Inc., our inflatable dry slide rentals in Chicago IL can be used anytime throughout the party so each youngster has a chance to balance their fun with the different events.

Serving healthy treats is important during this chocolate fueled day. Chocolate or yogurt covered strawberries, heart shaped meat, cheese, and vegetable slices, pink, red, and white fruit kabobs, and raspberry oatmeal bars are not only nutritious, but highly delicious. Your younglings will enjoy their snack so much, they will forget that’s it’s also good for them.

Once the tiny troupe has finished munching on their holiday edibles, let them continue with the planned activities until their parents pick them up.

At Moon Jump Inc., we the perfect inflatable dry slide rentals in Chicago IL for your February celebrations. Our economically priced bounce house slide combos will keep your childcare kiddies entertained all day.

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