Plan a Perfect Day of Play With Inflatable Slide Rentals in Chicago IL

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this summer, we have the perfect inflatable for you. Whether you are planning a play date, birthday party, family reunion, or parent-child time with your kids, our inflatable water slide and dry slide rentals in Chicago IL are the perfect addition to your plans.

At Moon Jump, Inc, we have several units for you to choose from. No matter how big or small your area is, we have something for everyone to enjoy.  Inflatable wet and dry slides are popular with kids and adults. The Adrenalin rush that comes from zipping down the slippery slope is reveled by everyone.  You will have no problem keeping your Chicago group happy with one of our sliding units.

On those really hot days, it feels amazing to get out and cool off under the refreshing spray of crisp water. At Moon Jump, Inc. in Chicago, we have several wet slides to choose from. Our sliding units come in different heights so you can choose one based on your group’s age and comfort level.

The dual lane units allow two people to race each other down the slipper slopes to the cool, liquid fill pools below. Whether going down the slide or across the surface of a slip-n-slide, your group will keep lining up for endless thrills on our exciting units.

For cooler days, or events that are better suited to having dry slides, we have several dynamic slippery slopes you can pick from. Your group will have just as much fun, if not more, with our exciting dry inflatables.

Many dry sliding structures are part of other dynamic inflatable playhouses including our thrilling inflatable obstacle courses and bounce house combo units. These units will have your youngsters squealing with delight while they jump, duck, dodge, run, climb, and slide their way through inflatable fun.

With the selection available, you will have no trouble finding just what you’re looking for at Moon Jump, Inc., in Chicago, IL. All our units exceed the highest safety standards and are cleaned thoroughly before and after each use.

This summer, you don’t have to stress or struggle trying to find fun activities for the kiddos or family to do together. At Moon Jump, Inc. we have many water slide and dry slide rentals for people in Chicago to choose from. Our colorful inflatable sliding units are perfect for any large or small event. Whether you are looking for ways to entertain the children while they are out of school, or planning a big family celebration, our wet and dry slides in Chicago offer the perfect entertainment. At Moon Jump, Inc., we can help you and your little ones have a great, entertaining summer.