Plan Exciting Events With Your Kids This Summer With These 4 Fun National Days

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The summer months are much busier for parents with their school aged children on summer vacation. For those who will be taking time off to spend with their offspring, the challenge is now on to plan different activities to entertain their clan. Keeping the younger generation entertained can be challenging, especially for the budget conscious adults.

At Moon Jump Inc., we have plenty of great ideas and affordable rental products to help you enjoy the next few months. With so many national days and recognitions coming up, it is easy to find something fabulous to do with your tots. Some of our favorites this June events include:

Hot Air Balloon Day 

For those who have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, June is the month to try it. Contact your local company about booking a time to go up, up and away in a colorful hot air balloon.

If that is not an option, there are several other activities you can do on this fabulously fun occasion. With a little imagination and some local supplies, you can create your own hot air balloons to enjoy in your home or backyard. Want a balloon to play in? Look for a big box to make a basket. Using large sheets of paper or old sheets, make a balloon using light, bending wire or piping. Once the top is made, attach it to your base for hours of imaginative fun. Add your own personal touches by decorating each part with paint, markers, and stickers.

Buy miniature baskets and balloons and your local store. Invite the kiddies to add their own personal artistic touch to the basin, then attach the inflated balloon using string or straws. Your younglings will have a great time playing with their model air balloon riders.  For a more permanent toy, make the inflatable parts out of paper Mache or oval shaped crafty products, then attach them to a metal coat hanger to create a spectacular mobile.

International Picnic Day 

What better way to spend a hot summer’s day than pack a basket full of delicious foods and head to your local park or beach for a yummy picnic on June 18th. Ask your little ones to help prepare the edibles, load up your hamper, then head to your nearest greenspace for a day of fun and games. Bring portable gaming activities and spend an enjoyable, relaxing day at the park. At Moon Jump Inc., we have a variety of game rentals in Chicago IL that you can include in your adventures. We will happily bring the gaming products to your location and pick them up when you are done so you will not have to worry about adding extra supplies to your itinerary.

International Selfie’s Day 

Explore your neighbourhood while creating lifelong keepsakes during this fun day of photographic self images on June 21st. Walk around to all your favored places and snap pics of you and your kids standing in front of or inside the hotspots. Make funny faces, stand in silly poses, and do different actions to  create animated selfies throughout the day.

Afterwards, use a personal photo maker to print your selfie images and make a fabulous memory book. Add stickers, borders, and stories to each page so you will always have priceless memories to share with others.

International Meteor Day 

End the month by gazing at the stars after the sun sets on June 30th. Start your day with a trip to your local library to read about stars, meteors, and other space related fascinations. Then head home to dine on a delicious lunch of star, moon and planet shaped foods like finger sandwiches, cheese chunks, fruits, crackers, and deli meats. Plan different crafting activities to make fancy hanging glitter stars, glow-in-the-dark space shirts, and beautiful starry pictures and frames.

Add a moon jump rental for a little backyard fun. Watch as your youngsters pretend to walk on the moon as they climb, bounce, and slide their way inside the inflatable playhouse.

Since the moon is often referred to as the “pie in the sky,” make your tastiest pizza for supper. Serve up some special moon juice to wash down their dinner to help get your kiddos excited for the nightfall. Watch a movie about space and check out different images on the internet while waiting for it to get dark. Finally, head outside to count the stars and see if you can spot any meteors.

National holidays area a great opportunity to plan delightful and affordable events with your children during their summer vacation. At Moon Jump Inc., we can help add to your thrills with our inflatable and carnival game rentals in Chicago IL.

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