Planning Fun Activities at Your Daycare

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Daycares are about to get busy as schools are getting ready to close for spring break. While many parents take the week off to enjoy the time with their children, not all adults have that option. Those that cannot take holidays at this time rely on childcare facilities to look after their youngsters during the day.

The onus is now on the center staff to plan exciting, inexpensive activities to keep the school agers busy throughout the week. The added challenge the professionals face is making sure the kiddies feel like they are on vacation, not just replacing their classroom with another educational room.

At Moon Jump, Inc., we can help you fill their time with thrilling entertainment that is guaranteed to delight your group. Our inflatable slides and interactive rentals in Chicago IL are affordable and offer hours of non-stop slip sliding, game playing fun.

We have a variety of dry slides and bounce house slide combos to choose from. Choose your favorite movie or TV character designed unit and watch as the kidlets run, jump, climb, shoot hoops, and slide their way through the air-filled playhouse.

Inflatable slide and interactive rentals in Chicago IL are great for all ages. At Moon Jump, Inc., we have a variety of exciting sports themed interactive products to help get your charges ready for their athletic season. Watch as the youngsters spend their time honing their hoop shooting and ball tossing skills while enjoying an amusing physical fitness activity at your location.

But inflatable bouncers aren’t the only events you can plan throughout the week. Your neighborhood is full of lots of fascinating places to visit. Many companies offer tours for child care and school groups. Call your nearby restaurant or store and ask if you can take the tots for a tour through their establishment. Touring field trips are a great way to meet other members of the community while teaching the little ones about a business or industry.

Many fire, and police stations also open their doors to groups throughout the year. Phone your nearby first responders and ask for a tour of their location or a visit to your company by a uniformed professional. The tykes will enjoy seeing the different equipment and vehicles used while hearing all bout the officers and fire fighters’ jobs.

Now that the weather is nice, take a tour around your vicinity with an outdoor scavenger hunt. Visit a local park or greenspace to find natural treasures in the area. Trekking through the community is a great way to spend a beautiful day outdoors while completing a merry game.

End the week by hosting an inhouse pyjama party. After all, who doesn’t enjoy spending the day in their pj’s. Staff and students will have a great time in the comfort of their lounge wear. Add a fun craft activity by helping the small ones create their own personal memory book with all the souvenirs they have collected during their excursions throughout the week. The family’s will love looking through the booklets to see how their sons and daughters spent spring break at your place.

Ending the day with a movie and treats for a relaxing afternoon is the perfect way to complete the week of March merriment.

Daycare centers are about to get busy when school’s close for the spring break week. But at Moon Jump, Inc., our inflatable sliding and interactive bounce house rentals in Chicago IL will help you add hours of fun to their spring holiday.

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