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Host an Extraordinary Community Yard Sale With Your Neighbors This Spring

photo booth

Spring is the season of melting snow, chirping birds, budding flowers, and yard sales. As people are starting to spend more time outside, homeowners are using this opportunity to clean out their rooms and sell their unwantables through their own personal outdoor market. By why just hold a single home event when you can host […]

Celebrate National Siblings Day with a Fun Family Day

First Down Football Inflatable

April 10th is National Siblings Day, and the perfect opportunity to bring all your family’s younger and older brothers and sisters together for a fabulously fun day of feasting, merriment, and reminiscing. At Moon Jump Inc., we have the perfect party supplies to help you plan this excitement filled event. Our thrilling game rentals in Chicago […]

5 Most Popular Reasons to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

wedding tents

Spring is in the air – almost. Now that it’s March, the warmer weather is just around the corner. That means many people are starting to think about taking their events outside to enjoy the balmy temperatures and greenery. Weddings are one of those events that are held outside every year. Many couples find external […]

7 Fabulous Reasons to Host a Fundraising Craft and Bake Sale for Your Agency or Team

table and chair rentals

Today, more than ever, many teams, community groups, and organizations struggle to find extra cash to support their needs. Fundraising has been a popular way to get the much needed moola for many years and is becoming more essential for schools, churches, daycares, non-profit groups, teams, seniors’ complexes, and many other local agencies today. One […]

7 Spectacular Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With the Whole Family

With Valentine’s Day next week, many families are planning special days  for parents and kids to do together.  After all, this day of celebrating love isn’t just for couples. Parents can make this holiday just as magical by planning extraordinary fun with their children. Not sure what to do? At Moon Jump, Inc., we have seven great ideas to make this February holiday exciting […]

7 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids During Their Christmas Vacation

Now that the kids have finished school for the Christmas holidays, there will be many days where they are home and looking at you for fun things to do. Although this is a busy time of year, there will still be a lot of down time in between family events and celebrations.

Have a Holly Jolly Stress Free Christmas Party 🎄

Many churches, daycare centers, community centers and non-profit agencies plan wonderful celebrations for their staff and patrons at this time of year. It’s a wonderful time to take a break from our usual routines and gather with loved ones for festive events.

Keeping Kids Busy Over The Thanksgiving Holidays

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together to celebrate the holidays. Many people will be traveling great distances to see their loved ones. Children will be visiting their grandparents, aunts, uncles and other members of the family. But while the adults want to visit with each other, the youngsters will want […]

Celebrate The Olympics With Your Own Backyard Olympic Party

As we watch and cheer for our athletes in Rio, the Olympics creates the perfect opportunity to host a fun Olympic party for your kids. And what better way than to host your own Olympic events right in your own backyard. The kids (and even adults) will have a great time showcasing their skills during […]